Bookshark Kindergarten Curriculum Review


Though this is our second year homeschooling, I still feel like such a newbie. I'm sure that is in part due to the fact that last year was Pre-K. Pre-K was rich but very light and fun. Kindergarten feels like an entirely new ball game. In the grand scheme of things it is  "only Kindergarten" but as I'm sure most new homeschooling moms will attest, suddenly it all feels a bit more real. And curriculum choices become seemingly more important.

We used Bookshark's Pre-K curriculum last year as a trial run and loved it so much that we bought their Kindergarten All Subjects Package.
Bookshark's literature-based approach worked very well for us. They focus the learning around books - literary fiction, nonfiction, biographies and illustrations. The goal is to create more of an engaging way to learn, one that moves away from dry worksheets and textbook memorization and towards open discussions after reading about historical events, etc.
I also appreciate that this is an academic program but that they present it in a gentle way. They believe knowledge is more often caught than taught. This is where the focus on high quality literature comes in.

Below is a full (unsponsored) review of my thoughts on Boookshark's Kindergarten curriculum so far.