Bookshark Pre-K Curriculum Review


Pre-K was our first "test" to see if homeschooling would be a good for us. Caio was 4, bored at home so I did some curriculum research. I was looking for something literature-based (as he loves being read to), something with little-to-no book work (I wanted a gentle learning approach) but also a curriculum that wasn't full of "fluff" (because if I'm spending money I want it to be on something with educational value and not busy-work).

We decided to got with Bookshark's Pre-K curriculum. Their philosophy is that Pre-K should be a gentle introduction to teaching. They believe that kids at this age need to explore the world around them through great stories, quality time with the parent and free play. I found program to be densely rich but short (lessons were about 20-40 minutes). I would say 80% of this program was me reading to my kids. I would do almost all of the reading over lunch. The kids would eat while I read. The daily  “desk” component would take around 10 minutes and included activities likes mazes and "circle the object that doesn't belong". etc to further developmentmental skills (motor, visual, auditory and comprehension).

Check out my video below for the full (unsponsored) review.