Build a financially rewarding business by reconnecting people with their food.

Why You'll Love it

Help Make Clean Eating Easier

Spend less time in the kitchen and more with the ones you love.

Be You Own Boss

You work FOR yourself (you are truly your own boss) but not BY yourself. No experience necessary. We've got your back with training and support. Plus I have an amazing team with supportive team culture.

World Class Training

You can earn 25% off of everything you buy/sell plus you earn free and 1/2 priced items. If this business ends up not being the right fit for you, you can literally eat the kit ;). There is no waste. Feed your family nutritious meals as part of your job.

What makes Epicure different?


Our Never Ever List


Ground Floor Opportunity (but not with a risky startup!)


How does it work?


Hold Cooking Classes in-Home or Online

You get your own business website (free forever!) the moment you join. You can sell to any of the countries we have launched in (currently 13).
Younique also does not require (or encourage) you to carry inventory making your start up cost literally the price of the presenter's kit.


Teach Others to Do the Same

If you choose to build a team and help others grow their businesses, you get paid for it. Women helping women! It doesn't get much better than that. Check out our compensation plan here.


Why sell food ?


Consumable Product

Personally I think it's a very good idea to sell a consumable product. You build a clientele and with regular follow ups customers will reorder every couple of months or so to stock up on the products that they love. This is so much easier than having to make that hard sell every time. Work smarter not harder right?


People Already Have a Budget for Groceries

It’s completely different to sell and market a a daily essential like food that the whole family consumes vs luxury item like an eyeshadow pallete or a handbag. Food is not something you have to pitch somebody. Everybody eats!


How do I sell?


Relaxed In-Home Cooking Classes (highest sales)

However if you enjoy them, or think you may enjoy them, this is a tremendous way to sell but even more importantly expand your client base my meeting new people.

Post selfies on Instagram, share tips and tricks on YouTube, and/or host parties on Facebook. The possibilities are endless.


Online Cooking Classes
(flexible option)

Totally optional! Younique does not require that you do home parties or events.


Follow Up with Customers for Order Refills
(repeat sales)

This is a huge benefit to selling a consumable product. You build a clientele, follow up and they will reorder every couple of months or so to restock their pantries.