9 Reasons Not to Become an Epicure Consultant


Are you curious if being an Epicure Consultant the "right fit" for you? I do love what I do. Truly. And I do believe that this business could be a huge blessing in many peoples' lives. But I recognize that it is also not for everyone. Is it for you? It may not be for you if:

  1. You aren't a people person.
    Let me explain what I mean here. If you're shy, reserved and/or uncomfortable in large groups, you can still work this business like a rockstar because you can truly do it ALL online if you like. Or maybe you're gregarious and high-energy - great! You will flourish at in-home cooking classes where that energy will be contagious. Personality type doesn't matter here. Being friendly and polite and taking a genuine interest in people does.

  2. You aren't on social media or don't want to be.
    It is true that you don't HAVE to have a Facebook account to sign up as an Epicure Consultant. But if your aim is to work Epicure as a part-time or full-time job, you will benefit substantially from being active on social media. You have so much more reach to current and potential customers. Think of it as free marketing. And marketing that isn't location dependent (Epicure is currently available across Canada and is coming to the USA summer of 2019. You’ll be able to sell and build teams across the border).

  3. You prefer having a boss and working set hours.
    If you like structure you may find direct sales overwhelming. How you sell is up to you. How often you work is up to you. You are the boss and you have the freedom to choose these things. No one will be hovering to make you accountable. It is your responsibility to work your business. Some people struggle with that. However if you do crave structure, you may still be able to make Epicure work for you. I know people who have been very successful by carving out specific hours, making their own work schedule and sticking to it.

  4. The unknown is too uncomfortable for you.
    If you want to know exactly how much money you are going to make each month, direct sales is not for you. Some months are slow. Some months are jaw-dropping amazing. I's a roller coaster but for me there are much more highs than lows. The freedom of choosing my own schedule and never having to request a day off again is worth it.

  5. You don't love our products.
    You can't sell what you don't honestly love. And people can smell dishonestly a mile away. Though Epicure is a successful company (they’ve has been around for 20 years), that still doesn't ensure every person on the planet will be a fan. We all have our preferences. But if you love our products or even most of our products, your genuine enthusiasm will be contagious.

  6. You aren't coach-able.
    Being an Independent Epicure consultant does mean that you are your own boss. As long as your business actions are not in conflict with compliance you can run this business however you see fit. Amazing right? However you will benefit SO much from being open to others' advice. If someone has gone down 5 roads that don't work, save your precious time and energy and don't follow suit. Why repeat their mistakes? You will promote much more quickly if you are willing to learn from the people at the top. Remember #wisdomlistens.

  7. You are not a self-starter.
    Because this will be your own business, you will not be accountable to anyone. No one is going to be hovering to ensure you're running your business. To check if you're following up with customers. Posting on social media. Sharing the business opportunity. That's entirely up to you. Now though you're working FOR yourself, you're not working BY yourself. I have a great team culture full of training. So you won't be left hung out to dry. But it's still entirely up to you to sit down and do the work.

  8. You are looking for quick and easy money.
    Yes we get paid every Friday (amazing). But if you want to make a part-time or full-time income, it requires part-time and full-time hours. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Now that being said, I know people who have doubled their previous full-time corporate salaries in 3 years. So that is decently "quick" if you think about it. It does take a lot of hustle but the beauty of this business is that those part-time and full-time hours can be whenever you like. Do you have a sick kid? Stay home with them! Your best friend is flying in for 4 days? No need to ask a boss for time off. Squeeze in work as you can (take a photo of your perfectly portioned dinner, post it to social media, do some follow-ups for an hour at night, etc).

  9. You often succumb to "the grass is greener" syndrome.
    You can make a little bit of money quickly in direct sales. But to make a lot of money (part time or full time income amounts or more) is takes time. And consistency. You have to show up regularly - even if that means one post on social media or a simple customer email follow up or participating in online team trainings. This is a requirement for success in ANY direct sales company. Hopping from company to company won't change the formula. Pick a company you love, stick with it and watch your business flourish.


If you're interested in what Epicure is all about, I'd love to chat. Shoot me a message here or read more about the business here. Or maybe you see the beauty of a flexible business and are ready to jump in now - amazing! You can get started here (note: there is no" “join” button. Contact me directly to sign up as a consultant :)