About Rochelle


Hello and welcome! I am a mom of 2 living just outside of Montreal, Quebec.

Our family is striving for a slow, rich life. Not necessarily in monetary terms (though I would always welcome wealth should it come our way. I want our life to be rich in time and flexibility and improvement and beauty - through homeschooling, entrepreneurship, green(ish) living and renovating a disastrous foreclosure house. The slow is a nod to the pace at which we seem to be accomplishing things (patience is a hard lesson I'm learning). But also the pace we are trying to set for ourselves. We have one life, let it be rich and not a race.

So follow our journey as I show how you too can work from home, renovation before and afters, homeschooling life, green(ish) living ideas (I do my best to live "green" but I am by no means a purist) and beauty tips for normal, everyday people.

Thank you so much for being here :)